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Department of Plastic Surgery

The Department of Plastic Surgery at the Sheba Medical Center was founded in 1953 by Professor Lyon Bornstein.

Performed Procedures:

The Department operates an outpatient clinic, which offers consultations, various diagnostic methods, the removal of scars and care of postoperative wounds. The doctors receive patients according to their specialization.

The following Offices constitute the Department of Plastic Surgery:

  • General Office;
  • Office for Preoperative Preparation;
  • Office for Melanoma and various skin tumors;
  • Breast Reconstruction Unit;
  • Burn Unit;
  • Clinic for Surgery of Congenital Malformations;
  • MOHS;
  • Office for preparation to the laser treatment procedures;
  • and many others.

Preoperative preparations

  • The patient receives written information about the upcoming surgery, as well as verbal instructions from medical personnel.
  • For some types of surgery the patient will need to buy some devices (e.g. orthopedic corset, etc.).

The Department of Plastic Surgery has 17 beds for admission. Hospitalized patients receive all necessary procedures and personal care, which include regular examination during the medical rounds, blood and other diagnostic tests. The bulk of the procedures is carried out during the day, and only the necessary procedures are performed at night. The presence of visitors is strictly limited, in order to provide the highest quality patient care. During medical rounds and medical procedures, visitors are asked to wait outside the office.

For convenience of the hospitalized patients, there is a “TV corner” with a drinking booth for hot and cold drinks and a fridge. It is possible to rent a personal phone and / or television. There are two shopping centers at the hospital campus with a variety of shops and a nearby hotel offers comfortable rooms for the convenience of families of hospitalized patients.

At the discharge, the patient receives all the necessary recommendations for further treatment and rehabilitation, which includes, if appropriate, additional medical procedures, medication, diet, physical activity, etc. Also, patients are assigned to undergo the medical check in the outpatient clinic.

The attending staff

The staff of Department includes medical specialists, nurses, ward attendants, physical and occupational therapist and a social worker.

Prof. Arie Orenstein – the Head of Department, the Head of the Institute for Latest Technology and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic (Clinic "Class").

Specialty: plastic surgery.

Prof. Arie Orenstein – the Head of Department, the Head of the Institute for Latest Technology and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic (Clinic 'Class')

Dr. Eyal Vinker – the Deputy Head of the Department.

Specialty: plastic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery
The field of clinical activities: operations on patients with malignant melanoma, breast reconstruction, eliminating defects and asymmetries of the breast.

Dr. Eyal Vinker – the Deputy Head of the Department
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The Chaim Sheba
Medical Center
The hospital of Israel
Hospital address: Derech Sheba 2, Tel-Hashomer, Ramat-Gan, Israel.