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March 2011

Scoliosis of the fourth degree. Trully there are no helpless situations in Sheba.

This story began about two years ago, when 11-year-old Rodion Garbunia was diagnosed with fourth degree Scoliosis. Experts doctors in his native city of Sochi, Moscow and St. Petersburg wrote: "Fourth degree Scoliosis is incurable. If you want to have surgery, please, but the boy will remain disabled…."
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January 2011

Victor, good day!

Our family was faced with a serious problem – our daughter's disease. After an operation in St. Petersburg, the doctors' opinions were different on the critical issues of the diagnosis and subsequent treatment regimens. This was the reason we sought assistance from Israeli experts.

At our request, the hospital staff in Sheba's Office of Medical Tourism, Viktor and Irina Bryn Rhine, responded quickly. They provided us with all necessary information about the specialists in our disease, opportunities in terms of diagnosis and treatment of our diseases, and rough estimates of the costs. Many thanks to these people for their moral support and assistance in dealing with all the organizational issues. Thanks to Irina and Victor, who helped us to arrive at the clinic for examination in less than two weeks!

Our supervisor during the examination and treatment was Jeanne, a great professional, sensitive and attentive person. Joan's confidence, and her love and care to the patients, helped us get through a difficult period. With warmth and gratitude, we remember our doctor Boaz Liberman and the medical staff at the orthopedic department. We departed from Israel happy – we had received help! Periodically, we plan to come to our doctor to Mr. Lieberman for observation.

Many thanks from our family to all the staff in the Office of Medical Tourism at Sheba - Irina, Victor, Joan, Lena, Irene - for their hard, but so very important work.

Yours sincerely, Reuter Family, St. Petersburg. January 2011

Hello Eden! Firstly thank you very much for helping to conduct a medical examination, but also for your very warm and kind nature. It is important that in the world there are people who will assist people when they need help. YOU are such a person, Eden. Stay always so simple and courteous, so help you God.

Yours, Olga Homeiko August 2010

I want to express my gratitude to all the medical staff of the Chaim Sheba Hospital in Tel-ha-Shomer, and especially to my attending physician, Dr. Danny Simon, for his blessed work, and for saving my life.

Koba, Georgia

Mr. Koba with Dr. Simon, and with the medical staff in the hospital.

August 2010

Hello Dear Arkady and Dana!

Thank you very much for the examination and diagnosis given to my son, Amir. I express my appreciation to you and thank you for your participation and care. You have made me a member of your family. I received survey results. Great thanks.

Sincerely, M. K March 2010

After a year of long-term treatment, which included two operations and follow-up, I beg to thank the medical team that accompanied me throughout the illness until my full recovery. This is not surprising, since it is well known that the staff of Sheba Hospital are leaders in medicine, but it becomes obvious for you personally when you are given the opportunity to get their medical attention. You understand the value of your good luck.

I thank Dr. Nachshon Shizayr, Head of the Orthopedic Trauma Department, as well as the medical tourism staff. Also, my great gratitude to Mrs. Sigal Vaknin, senior nurse in Orthopedic Department "A", and all the nurses and aids, for wonderful care and for the fact that they managed to put me back on my feet.

Similarly laudatory speeches I also heard from many patients whom I befriended during my stay in the hospital.

MG, Kiryat Shmona.
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