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Professor Zeev Rothstein.

General Director of Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Tel-ha-Shomer.
Areas of specialization: management of health systems, cardiology.
Research activities: epidemiology, preventive medicine, health systems of Israel, a health policy and economic issues in the management of health systems.
Professor Rothstein has published over 80 scientific articles in leading medical journals, and presented about 150 lectures at internationalscientific conferences.



Professor Mordechai Shani.

Director and Founder of the Gartner National Research Institute, part of the Chaim Sheba Medical Center The Institute conducts research in the field of epidemiology and health policy. Professor Shani has led the Chaim Sheba Medical Center for 33 years, succeeding his mentor and founder of the hospital, Professor Chaim Sheba. Under his leadership, the hospital rapidly evolved into the largest medical center in Israel




Medical Personnel

Our united team of doctors and nurses holds a special philosophy for medical care and professional excellence: an individual approach to each patient's unique needs, professional and safe treatment, and continuous professional development that ensures modern and outstanding medical practice.


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